Originally the hand-to-hand combat art of the Samurai, Japanese Ju-Jitsu is taught to Police and Military personnel world-wide as one of the most effective means of controlling violent subjects.

Arguably the most devastating and effective system of self-defense, ju jitsu is often taught to law enforcement personnel and personal security professionals. You will never see a fancy, high-flying kick or intricate and flashy sequence of moves taught in our schools, instead you will learn immediately usable and effective self-defense techniques and tactics design for one purpose — to keep you, your family and possessions safe.

Skills learned in this program: Stances, Breakfalls, Blocks, Hand Techniques, Kicking, Takedowns, After Throws, Hold Downs, Follow-Throughs, Hold Escapes, Escort and Removals, Weapons Disarming, Pressure Point Control, Joint Locking, Grappling and Restraints.

Not being in a confrontation is ideal, so learning how to avoid them whenever possible is our first consideration and strategy. However, physical confrontations do happen and from the first class you are learning how to mitigate your risk, as well as position yourself to remove yourself from the situation safely. Should you find yourself in a physical confrontation you will be armed with proven and effective self-defense techniques and tactics to help you stop the attack and prevent further attack.